Staff Training

Huaguan has been attaching great importance to staff education over the years. Firstly the management department will arrange the entry education and then the technical supervisor will have the training of equipment operation, production process, safety caution before the staff entering into workshop.

Huaguan hires the Japanese expert and industry experts throughout the year to have the training for technicians and managerial personnel to improve their professional and management competence, thus they will have the comprehensive and clear understanding of company management model, it lays a solid foundation for company operation.

For the purpose of learning the advanced experience, Huaguan dispatches the salesman and technical personnel to Japan for short-term study, exchange idea, analyze the problem existing in management. We find the cause of the problem and act accordingly, so lots of precious experience has been gathered.

We attach great importance to the professional training of technician and invite the expert to do short-term training yearly to improve staff vocational skill and professional quality so as to adapt to the high quality production requirement.